The smart speaker from Apple (Aapl), is all about the audio experience difference with Google Home.

It packs a serious strike in conditions of audio hardware a woofer with the custom loudspeaker and an array of 7-tweeters – each with its have a custom speaker.

There is also an interior low-frequency calibration microphone for automatic low alteration.

From my experience listening to a HomePod at an Apple Store throughout an overseas work trip, it sounds incredible for a speaker this compact.

The HomePod has an A8-processor – establish in the iPhone 6 – that does the processing of voice information. But Apple’s voice supporter Siri on HomePod is imperfect when contrast with Google Home’s voice assistant.

You can ask Siri to do only positive things at one time with certain voice commands, such as play music from a performer, set a one-minute(60-sec) timer or give the day’s weather predict.

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But the HomePod cannot answer random questions, the way Siri does on an iPhone. You also cannot ask HomePod’s Siri to demonstrate you a map of your future destination and send it to your smartphone, like what Google Home can do.

The HomePod has been obtainable only in 3-countries – the United States (US), Britain and Australia – since its launch in February of this year.

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